Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grouchy people

I wonder what runs through peoples heads sometimes. I really do. I have this friend at the gym Linda. She is the nicest sweetest woman one could ever meet. She would do anything for anyone.

She was crippled by polio, she can't stand up straight and is hunched over pretty badly and has to use a walker. I see her almost every day at the gym. She rides the bike on the end every day because they are close together and she can't get in between them being hunched over. Everyone usually will give up that bike for her because they know she can't get between the bikes and then has no where to put her walker.

Well..........There's this one lady who...ugh...she's just mean. I have been in there a couple times this week and that woman knows Linda comes at the same time and hops right on the end bike. So Linda will some times come talk to me to wait for the bike and sometimes she will go walking etc. She's been sick lately with a cold and came down and talked to me and Angel today. The lady was on the bike again and Linda went over to ask her how long she was going to be and the lady snarkily replied "I'm going to be on here for a realllllllly long time" Linda who really just wanted to ride the bike, finds a place for her walker and then I watched her try to squeeze to get to one of the middle bikes.

Why couldn't that lady of moved over? She did it one day last week too. It's almost like an imposition to her that Linda waits on the bike. She gets huffy and puffy. I just don't understand. That lady is healthy as a horse can easily get on one of the other bikes.

I dunno it just bothered me. She's the kindest soul ever and how anyone can look at her sweet nature and just be mean..... I just don't understand.

Happy Tuesday



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