Monday, March 15, 2010

=) Monday!

What a wonderful weekend I had =) Fabulous in so many ways.

First things first.........Blueberry Preserves! Sometimes for odd reasons, I crave blueberries. Elmer a few weeks ago sent me Wild Blueberry Jelly from Maine....... I can say without hesitation that it was the best blueberry preserve I have ever tasted. I have been on a hunt locally to find something similar, but nothing even comes close. I have three jars of blueberry preserves in my refrigerator. I have used almost one. It's nothing like the one from Maine. The one from Maine had perfect blueberries, nothing crunchy etc. The first jar I opened here, well there's some good blueberries in it, but there's a lot of crunchy ones. I eat it in my grits. It's a perfect fit in grits. So, as soon as the jar is finished we will move on to the second one and see if it comes close to the Maine Preserves. Sigh, why do I only fall in love with stuff that's far away! LOL! My syrup is in Vermont, gotta get the pattern!

Next ........Movies!!

I watched hmm four movies this weekend. First was Precious. Language was really, really, really bad. was a very powerful movie. What that poor girl endured, I just want to hug her. Sad movie and I'd like to think people in real life aren't that cruel, but a sad reality is, they are. Probably worse.

Next was Alice in Wonderland. Me n the fam went to see it. I totally liked it a lot! Savannah did as well, however I think she was a little scared when the Jabberwocky came out. It was like a continuation from the first one and it was really well done. I love stories where escapes happen from your own life and you get to be taken to some wonderful place.....There are many days I would like to scour my yard looking for rabbit holes to fall down!

The third was Where the Wild Things Are....... Totally disliked this movie. The boy and that screaming. I wanted to whoop his butt five minutes into the movie. I totally would've been upset had I paid to watch it in a theatre, I can listen to my own kids scream for free. The boy was over the top annoying and the book was a favorite of mine. Sigh.

Okay, last movie of the weekend was Hachi. Dear Lord in Heaven, I cried more through this movie than any movie I have seen. It was well done and wow! I don't know what to say. Juan watched it with me and kept remarking about how sad it was and how touching. He said to me "Mom, how come I don't get sad when I watch movies of people like that, but when it's animals it's so hard to watch" I tried to explain to him that animals don't say things to hurt you, animals don't use you, animals don't break your heart, animals won't ever disappoint you..........They are always happy to see you. When you walk into a room, no human would ever greet you like that....... and what Hachi did......... how many people would ever do that? None. Dogs are fiercely loyal. Find me a person like that....... You can't.

Yesterday church was wonderful. As always. Four baptisms and I love watching those. Hearing the testimonies of what led them to God. Hearing about how life was for them, how bad...... Then God happens. Something no one can explain unless you feel it. I did =D Indescribable and everyone should experience it for themselves.

Okay, I gotta go to the gym .......... I'm looking really good and feeling great!!

Have a fantastic Monday

Lots of Love



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