Sunday, August 12, 2007

So flipping sad

My last baby starts school tomorrow. I made this video,cried all through it, cry when I watch it. I enjoyed my days at home with her for 5 years and now someone else gets to spend their days with my baby. I'm so sad I cannot even express it. Our daily zoo trips or shopping trips. :o( Someone gets my days with my baby girl. Here's my video of her first 5 years. The first pic is right when we came home from hospital with her :)
Have gotten a couple questions about video. The girl with the boy and Savannah
is my friend Melody whom I met offline and she ended up becoming my best friend in this world. That is her son John. We were pregnant at same time and had babies at same time. Was wonderful. The other question is, is that really me holding Savannah LOL Yes it's me! My hair was brown from not being able to color it during pregnancy!! My face was so swollen YIKES!! Pregnancy does that to you!! Hey at least I had earrings in!


Lisa said...

That was beautiful!!!!! I know exactly how you feel. It will be only a few more days and I'll be going thru the same thing. I feel the same when I have to leave her every day.

SassyFemme said...

Oh Di, that was absolutely beautiful. Hoping that all goes well for both of you today.