Wednesday, August 22, 2007

God sends you what you need at the right time.

Funny how things work out in life. Why things happen, when they happen. Jay, Lindsays husband came over tonight to talk to Juan and take him out to dinner to find out what's going on with him. We were sitting on the couch talking and I started telling him about how in Virginia I worked at this Karate studio for Mr. Nichols. How I loved it, seeing the kids learn discipline etc. I truly LOVED that job and so respected Mr. Nichols. He was so talented, worked at the Pentagon, had a successful business. Was such a cool, cool man!
Well no sooner than I got finished telling Jay, I sign on and 7 or 8 years later I hear "You've got mail" It was from Master Nichols!!!!
I could almost cry to know that 7 or 8 years later, I made such an impression on him as a worker that he took time to look me up and email me.
That is the most special I have felt in so long and I am sitting here trying not to cry.
Funny, I would never ever of thought I would've crossed his mind. :) Maybe I'm not as bad as what I think I am
Here is his website and where I used to work! He moved to the front of the building but same location!! I miss living there sometimes
Master Nichols
Thank God for that. Just when I couldn't feel any worse about myself in life that gives me a glimmer of hope.
Thanks for all the cards. Lois sent me a boquet of flowers yesterday and today a big boquet of daisies. They are my favorite. They always look as if they are smiling. Daisys are Ladies :) Lois is my TT buddy , my friend. Thanks Lo Lo!!

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the curl said...

Hey Nanna, yeah God is cool like that, He does have a way of showing up in the darkest times, like the timing of the e-mail from Master Nichols, sending Jay to spend time with Juan, flowers from a friend. Glad your birthday ended on a better note! His timing is perfect! Love you and your precious family!