Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy Sunday!

It's only about 2 oclock and I am already worn down. I got up about 10 and super scrubbed the kitchen. Did the walls, under the fridge and stove etc. I usually get those once a month so it wasn't so bad. I flipped my calendar to hotty sawyer. Swoooooon :) got the floors all scrubbed. I have some haircuts coming over. I'm beat.
I have to get up early. Savannah has a gastro appt at 10:30 am. Then there's lots of school stuff and birthday stuff I have to get together. Anthony will be 16 this year. Owoooooo! So much to do and it's so hot outside it's unreal.
Weekend was kind of dull. Went to moms for a bit yesterday. She kept the boys. Um other than that, I pretty much cleaned or played on computer. I'll be glad when the heat breaks.
Anyone been up to anything good? Annissa I know just started another Loopy Loop!
My poor Melody is having such a hard time. :( I think me and Mel should meet half way between where we each live and move into together! Come on Melzie!! You've stayed at my house a few times, we are highly compatable. Could Scrabble all day and all night and yak! :) All kidding aside, I hope you cheer up soon. I don't like hearing all the bad that happens to you. You are way too good. I'm gonna check in on you in a bit and hopefully you are smiling!! Love you very much!!
Jenzie has fallen off the face of the earth. She met a man from Austrailia and he came here and they are madly in love and she has dropped off the cyber face of the earth.
Mandy and Jayme are on vacation I think. I really need to read my emails I have um 941 that I have not touched. So maybe tis I who dropped off the cyber earth too LOL
Okay gals, updates. Let me know what your up too. Send me some pics!
Annissa I'm reading the email on your new loop, I have to clean out my mailbox and join and I'll promise to play along!
Happy Sunday guys
Love you lots

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Melzie said...

I am smiling, hubs and I had a lonnnnnnnnnng lonnnnnnnnnng talk with a more positive than negative outcome and we went to church today that always helps. I know your day sucks monkey nuts, remember you are always always always welcome here chicadee. xoxo melzie