Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Friday!

It's hot! HOT. Last night we had Savannahs orientation, it was so hot I could've sworn my Crocs were melting to the pavement. I had an asthma attack from the ozone. Haven't had one of those in FOREVER and EVER.
Savannahs gotten so big. Got all of her supplies together and she is all ready for Kindergarten. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with pics and tears on Monday. It's so bittersweet.
I also have made the decision to go back to a shop. I truly, truly liked it. Just work in the day while kids are at school. Then be home when they get home.
Not much else happening. Did I mention the heat? Good grief.
I think my fish are frying out in the pond. That water in there is HOT! poor fishy fishys. Raccoon boys tail has grown all back in. He finally can swim upright! YAY!
My dogs are good. Geeks, but good. Opie is a HUGE dog as you guys know and he is trying to lay on my lap as I type. I have to keep reminding him that he is not a lap dog.
I put some squirty cheese in Claires Kong toy and it has kept her so busy. She is tossing that thing all over trying to get it out. She is soooooo stinking sweet. I cannot thank Deborah enough for choosing us to take her. She has been an absolute joy in all of our lives!
I laid in bed yesterday and watched Ever After. I Love Drew Barrymore and I Love that movie. Claire bear and opie both snuggled up in bed with me. Savannah watched it with me but got upset when I cried!! I'm such a SAPPPPP it's unreal! I guess I will never let her watch Titanic with me. Holy crud that's a real tear fest there!
I like movies though that stir up some kind of emotion. Whether it's laughter or tears. Either of them! I enjoy. I have a stack of unwatched movies on my desk. Guess I'll do that this weekend!!
Okay, my kids are hungry, I'm guessing I should feed them or something LOL
Have a happy Friday.
Be blessed


Melzie said...

Well the upside (for me) is that maybe you'll be recovered enough by Wed. to console me when I take Hawger!!!!!! Wahhh Di where did the past 6 years go! :*/ xoxo melzie

MoonNStarMommy said...

I loooooooove Ever After is in my top 5 ... Savannah was just confused I think...she knows something is up, something is different and she knows you aren't happy...she's worried. Love you girl