Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remember That Post A Couple Days Ago About Gods Love?

Remember how He said He would show me His love? Remember how I said "How would I know what it would look like?"

=) Well, let me tell you a story!!

Today I was having a blah day. The past few days have been a struggle and as I mentioned earlier, I haven't been hearing much of anything from God. It's been a real test of faith. When I can hear Him, it's easy to believe...But, when He goes silent, it's harder to believe.

I said a prayer today before I took my nap, it went something like keep me hanging on, I have faith you are going to lift all this off of me. I just know it's going to work out, hear you or not......I know you are there.

I wake up from my nap and feel a ton better. =) So.......My son calls from football practice and says he is ready to be picked up. I gather all my stuff up and head out the door.

I see this beautiful butterfly swirling all around me. I absolutely LOVE butterflies and talk to God a lot about them. I can rarely catch them on my camera and if I do, it's never a good shot because they fly off way too quickly.

Since it's so close I get my cell phone out and try to catch a pic. He lets me take his picture and I'm thinking "Rats, I wish I had my good camera out!"


I stop and admire him some more and softly say "God, can I hold him?" God speaks loud and clear and says "Go and get your camera, I know how you are!" So I run to my car put my stuff in there. Fumble with my keys trying to hurry. I get a little worried because when my camera goes from cold to hot it gets all foggy and I was just trying to hurry.

I get back out there, sit on the ground and the butterfly comes right over to me =) I put my hand out and there he came.

I have never ever held, nor touched a butterfly. I was soooo excited. My camera didn't fog up, the beauty stayed on my finger for at least 2 minutes. I, of course, got pics of him.


I cried and cried and cried. God told me to wait and He would show me how much He loves me. He knew how much the butterflies meant to me. He knew how much taking pics of the butterflies meant to me. HE loved me enough to wait for me to go and get my camera. He loved me so much that He for the first time ever, let me hold this magnificent creature.

I cried all the way to pick up Juan. He indeed showed me how much I was loved. Who loves me enough to bring me a butterfly and perch him upon my finger just so I can appreciate the beauty of him!

God is so magnificent. Worthy of so much praise!!! Oh how I love Him.

He loves me too =)


Happy Tuesday! I haven't stopped smiling all afternoon!




Melzie said...

Beautiful testimony :) I am glad you got your answer Di, you are WORTHY of God's love!

Carie said...

Perfect, simply perfect...