Friday, August 06, 2010

Alas, It's Friday!!!

Been a bit since I have written. Been in bed most of the week from my nice gluten encounter. Usually I develop an aversion from the place after ingesting gluten and oh why, oh why did it have to be Q-doba? I LOVED that place..........Not anymore! I can't even think about it.

Summer is almost over and I'm starting to get a bit sad. It went entirely too fast. I love being able to go in the yard, plant things, watch my flowers grow. Winter brings it's own beauty, but I have a new found love of spring and summer.

Gonna do a longer update this weekend. I have plenty O' free time! But wanted to do a drive by posting to say all is wonderful =)

Love you guys!


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Carie said...

I love gardening as well, Spring is my favorite because I have this yellow bush that gets thousands of yellow flowers on it, it just makes me smile...but I have different plants that bloom through out the year, look up plants for your region that you can tend with each season :) I will miss our fresh veggies after the summer, nothing like home grown veggies :)

Its the most freeing and calming time in my life, when I am out with my flowers, I have hundreds of different plants, and when life is kicking my butt, I go out there, work hard, think...and all is good :)