Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Went to Heaven this Morning

Trying to fully wake up. My face is still wet from tears.

God showed me around heaven this morning, in my dreams I suppose. He took me through His garden. It was filled with every flower you could imagine and then some you couldn't. There were colors I have never seen, things I have never seen. I'm not even sure if in closing my eyes I could portray a picture to you that does heaven justice. Tall, tall castles all about, each with gardens not even a master landscaper could re-create.

I had wings and there were sunflowers so tall that I could just float up to see the top of. If we walked somewhere we would just zip along. He took me to this edge and showed me this great, great sea. At the back of the sea was the sun. Not like our earthly sun, but like this huge heavenly light. Angels were hanging out on the beach. None of them had faces from what I could see. They all had enormous wings. Some had harps and horns and they just stood on the sea shore, playing the most beautiful music. It's as if they were welcoming newcomers to heaven. Maybe they were waiting for their family to come through the light and the second they came through, they wanted their family to know "This is heaven."

There were birds in heaven, all sorts. Dogs running through Gods gardens, but not as dogs, as lights. Cats, bunnies, animals I had no clue what they were........The best part of all came when two lights came swirling about me. They swirled and swirled and stopped. I asked God "Am I dead papa?" "No" he said, "your earthly body is still very much alive, but I thought you'd appreciate my garden."

The two lights came back again and stopped in front of me. They had faces. One was mamaw and the other was Dorothy Ann. Another quick light came over and it was papaw. He simply said "Hi" and then before I knew it, he was gone. Mamaw and Dorothy kept going away and coming back swirling around me. I was crying out to mamaw, "Please come back, please come back!" She came back and said "Dianna, it's not an easy job keeping all of you safe, you keep me very busy." Dorothy Ann came back and she had her piercing blue eyes. She hugged me tightly and said "Tell my family I'm keeping them all safe."

I asked God "Is that how it works?" He said "How what works?" "Heaven" I said. I was confused because I thought heaven was relaxing and just enjoying everything. "God walked (floated?) with me some more through His garden telling me that everyone has work in heaven. It's based upon how we live our lives.... How we live.... what we do... determines the job. I said "So, they keep people safe God?" He says "They have a very special job child, they keep their families safe." I said "just mine?" To which He replied "Mamaw takes care of you, your mom,Johnny, Lindsay, Carol, Mary Lee, Karen. All of you." "She wants to do it" He said "To her and for you, that's the most important job there is. She's stored up blessings in heaven for you, therefore you guys get really special angels." "She's one?" I ask. "Yes child" He replied.

I asked Him if I could help Him take care of His garden when I get to heaven. "Of course" He replied, "But, it doesn't work like your earthly garden." He walked over to this tall red flower and He placed His hand on this huge,huge leaf.....The red flower looked like it bent over to kiss His hand. Was beautiful.

I asked where Dorothy Ann was and He said "She's taking care of her family."

I couldn't find Brett. Poopie ran over and Gracie ran over. Not as dogs, but as light. I looked for Brett and asked God...."Where's Brett?" God said "Sometimes people don't want to come to heaven, they are lost and they roam the earth." I asked if he could come to heaven and He said "He's lost." I said to God "It says in the bible that you find lost people and you help lost people." He got down on His knees and looked in my eyes and said "Not if they don't want to leave earth child. Sometimes they don't want to come to heaven, they wait." This made me sad and God told me "There is no sadness or tears in heaven."

He led me again to His garden and mamaw came back. She swirled around me again and again then started flying away. I said "Mamaw, mamaw please don't leave." She turned around and stopped, said "I love you Dianna, look for me in daisies." In an instant she flew away.

I didn't want her to go, I tried to fly after her but her light was so much faster than my wings. Dorothy Ann came back and gave me an even bigger hug than before. What's funny is I always remembered her hugs. Maybe she knew that. I asked her not to go too, I wanted to talk to her. "How will we find you?" I called after her... "Tell my family to look for me in the blue birds, they'll know what I mean." In an instant her light just as quick as mamaws flew away.

God told me it was time to go back, but before we went He picked this beautiful flower for me. It was a shade of blue I had never ever seen and He told me to take it with me as a reminder of what's waiting for me.

I woke up and was sobbing, evidentally I was sobbing even as I slept. My heart wasn't heavy, I was very peaceful. I look over my shoulder at the base of my cross on my bed and there's a pic of me and mamaw =).

Made me happy to think mamaw was keeping us all safe and Dorothy Ann was keeping all the country cousins safe. Different lights flew around me when I was there, but I didn't know who they were. Maybe they knew me, maybe they were people from my family that I didn't know.

It makes me feel a lot better knowing that mamaw is looking after our family, keeping us safe.

I miss them both very much. I hope and pray Brett finds his way to heaven.

Happy Thursday.



**I have to add, I woke up and after everything settled in I talked to God about my dream...I asked Him if it was real, He replied "What do you think?" I asked Him if it was real, how come I could see everything, even touch a flower, but I felt disconnected from Mamaw, Dorothy Ann....Just over all had no feelings.......He said "I gave you a glimpse with your eyes, a moment with your hand, a second you had with your ears.... If I had given you the scent and feelings of heaven, you wouldn't of wanted to go back."

=) Amen!


the curl said...

Ahhh, the scent of the famous song say's I can only imagine!
A taste of the Glory of God!

L. Eubanks said...

Thanks for sharing this dream. A lot to think about. So neat to see you so close with God. You have actually helped my faith so much lately just be reading your blogs and talking with you at the house. Thank you for sharing. Keep it up! It's good to encourage each other in the faith and build each other up with our stories.

Jeanette said...

I have to tell you that you made me cry with this post. The vividness in which you described it is truly awesome. I do believe that we have angels in Heaven watching over us. I have had things happen that there are just no other explaination for. Maybe a totally random thought crosses your mind at just the right time to get your attention, or send you in a different direction.

Thank you for sharing.