Monday, June 28, 2010

Seeing IS believing!!

A follow up to what I had written yesterday about God and not feeling His presence til this weekend. His absence for a couple of weeks.

I was lonely and prayed and as much as I hate to admit this, I prayed to God that "I wish I had someone to talk to" He said "me" and I said "I know, I mean I wish I had a human person to talk to, too"(that's awful I know =() and he again said "me"..........I said, "Yea, I know, but it's different because I can't see you." I read the bible, John, about Lazarus and how He waited on purpose because He was going to raise Lazarus from the dead. He knows people need to see to believe. They saw Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead and they believed. They knew that Jesus was sent from God.

I had written early on in February about faith and how I struggle with it. It's hard to believe things that you can't see. I believe in God and love God, but where faith pertained in Him taking care of me.....My faith lacked.

Well.....He has shown me. I can see His loving hand all around me!

First on Monday a tree nearly 2 feet from my bedroom fell. I have pics below, it's base stood taller than my daughter. It's a huge tree and wiped the back part off the 3rd house down. Good news, it fell to the right!! If it had falled to the not only would've destroyed my house, but if I had been in my bedroom, I would've been hurt very seriously or killed.
Above is the tree at the yard it was in. The people in the 3rd house where you see the blue tarp had to move out because the back wall of the house was severely damaged. They already cut away that part of the tree. I can't see any damage to the house next door, because it's leafy back there and they have the front roped off with do not enter tape.
Below is the base of the tree in proximity to my bedroom. That wall is my room.
The fence is where the tree was, right up against it.

Next the whole air conditioning incident where Anthony and the dogs sat in the house for 24 hours or more no air conditioning, no windows open. He thought the air was on.... I came home, Opie was near a heat stroke. He was foaming at the mouth, wouldn't move. Took 5 hours to get the house cool and he got up and moved around. Was wobbly for a couple of days, but no worse for the wear. Anthony himself could've gotten sick himself.

Savannah had a cold with a bit of a cough......being around her, I in turn get it. Of course it turned into double pnemonia, which I have never had. I had problems with the medicines and finally today the insurance companies got everything worked out and I got my meds!! I'm feeling weak but better. God is with me.

And lastly.........Last night I kept smelling something funky. I had no clue what it was. I looked but couldn't find it anywhere. I had been sleeping on the couch since I can't lay flat from coughing......Well, this morning I got all my stuff moved back into my room and turn on the light.....what do I find?
The plug to the clock had caught on fire. The fan plug had smoke damage, but that plug was melted and crispy. How the fire started. No clue. How the fire was put out, no clue. It went to the left, which makes me happy because had it gone to the right those curtains would've gone up in flames. I could've lost my house, my life, my pets.......

The good news in all these instances....I got a good dose of oh my gosh, that could've killed me. But IT DIDN'T. God just gave me all the proof I need that I don't have to see Him to know that He is indeed all around me.

He's protecting me. He's protecting my house and my family.

That boosted my faith incredibly.

I love God so incredibly much and that love went much deeper seeing how much He loves me that He stopped what could have happened.

My goodness, His love amazes me.


Thanking God for what He has shown me!!

Happy Monday!



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Melzie said...

Wanna know something interesting? Do you know why Jesus said LAZARUS come forth, and not just COME FORTH? Because every body THERE would have risen! I love that ;) xoxo