Wednesday, June 09, 2010

My slow yard

My yard is a lot like me, sans the fleas and ants. It grows very slowly!!

Elmer has sent me a lot of plants and seeds this year and for someone with a black thumb............They have actually been growing!

God surely has blessed me in this area, because my houseplant record is awful. My aunt Sandy kept a plant alive since my grandma died and a year with me it went to that big peat moss pile in the sky!

Last year Elmer sent me some orange lily bulbs. They didn't grow back this year and because my yard is a slow, slow one I'm still holding out hope. They will be out of season next week, but I still have faith!!

My azalea bush I didn't know I had bloomed almost 2 months later than everyone elses.

My yard fits me so well. Things grow in Gods time, not the time on the calendar. I'm doing the same. Slowly, but growing.

I could not get dressed and run out the door quick enough to take photos today of what I woke up too!

My first flower box flower, grown from a tiny little seed and my hibiscus which Elmer sent as a plant a couple months ago and it has really, really grown!!


I am happier than you know =D

Happy Wed Nes Day



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bigfatmama said...

How beautiful!
I read your other posts and think you would absolutly love Beth Moore's new book - So long insecurity! I'm reading it right now and it's been wonderful!

Above anything else we are God's child and that is what needs to define who we are! Beth's book is all about that and talks about how we can get to that place of really believing that truth.

God bless you!