Saturday, June 12, 2010

Secrets shared with God =)

Some people don't understand when people come to know God. They can say they know God, but their actions speak otherwise. I thought I knew God. I was sooooo wrong.

When God takes a hold of you and you submit to him, your life changes. I have heard people and even referred to it myself as a cult. It seemed that way, because I didn't understand it. Until you are in there and "get it" it can seem like a lot of things that aren't true. I talk about it so much because I want everyone to experience what I am experiencing. It's life changing and the feelings you get inside and the things you see happen.
Totally unexplainable.

I have shared some of what God has done for me on here, other things I keep private. Sometimes things happen and my heart feels like it will explode. Sometimes I can't believe what mountain God has just moved for me.

I have one issue I have been giving to God and taking back for sometime. I can do NOTHING about this issue. I have heard people say you just can't sit back and wait for God to do it, you have to take a step somewhere. When God spoke to me about this issue, he told me to do nothing. He said "give it to me and do nothing"

I had no clue how it was going to work and it was hard to give it to him. I even told him, "I hear you saying to do nothing, but how is this going to work?"

Well..........After a week of taking it out of my head completely, submitting it to him and doing "nothing" the issue is almost fully resolved.

Got a teensy bit more to go, but he's working on it.

After I got the news, I started crying, sobbing if you will....I couldn't believe it!! Maybe someday I'll share some of the things God has done for me and there is no logical explaination of how they happened.

Once those things happen, it's hard not to become like "them" so to speak. If people had more faith and turned more over to God. Your life changes and you will want to be in the family.

Try it. You will see. Start with something small, give it to Him. You won't be disappointed.

I love my God =D

This morning I was being a pouty baby about an issue and God dealt with me on it. I wanted to do what I wanted to do and nope. God wouldn't let me. I was pretty mad because I didn't want to do what he asked of me. I wanted to do it my way. I heard "That is not how a child of God acts" I knew that already, but I didn't want to do the "right" thing. I did and well, I'm still irritated about it, but I was obedient.

I hear thoughts that come and go, some are mine, some are the Holy Spirit and God, some are satans. You eventually learn how to figure them out and Gods always align with scripture. Through learning him, I am learning quicker at which voice is his. The more time I spend with him, the easier it is for me.

So, after I did the right thing this morning God talked to me about doing unto others and I would have them do to me. He said "Games are met with more games. Jealousy met with more jealousy" Then I heard the "How would it make you feel if it was done to you?"

Always right. But sometimes doing the right thing is hard.

He's a wonderful teacher. I absolutely adore and love Him with everything in me.

My heart feels so full and so happy. I just can't believe what He has done for me today.

He loves me =)

I love Him =)


Happy Saturday!




val said...

It is written Satan has deceived the whole world until the heel of time when a woman shall bruise him by exposing his lies Gen 3:15. Check out the bruising of Satan at please read all posts to see the whole picture.

Brandy said...

I ran across your blog and it really spoke to me on several levels. God is amazing and somehow He always knows what best for us!