Monday, June 21, 2010

Pull Ease Leaf Mia Lone

I don't have time for mindless games people play. Not even a little. I'm way too busy to be lost in thought all day trying to figure out why someone did this or that.

I'm tired of being a personal doormat for people. Before I chose to be there. Now. No.

As I grow up, I realize how certain people are still stuck in the high school games and just immature crap.

I fully see that hurting people in turn hurt others.

Guess what??????? If you choose to deliberately hurt me, make me jealous or just be mean.......You are going to find yourself not talking to me.

I said it a few times last night to a few different people. Leave me alone.

The red carpet I have laid out for so many people........Gone.

I can 't be anyone to the important people in my life, if I have to keep letting the emotional vampires in life suck the life all out of me.

So........ I'm not letting anyone. It's done.

If you want to hear from me and be in my life, then you will treat me with respect.

If you find yourself not hearing from me....stop playing pathetic games.

It's nice to know no one has control over me anymore in that aspect. If someone doesn't want to talk to me because I won't play their game.....Guess what???

I don't care! The end!

I only have to answer to God and no one else.

Fed up to my eyes with games and those who play them.


Happy Monday.



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