Sunday, June 27, 2010

Butterflies and Daisies

During the past couple of weeks, I haven't felt like God has been with me much. Maybe that wasn't anything on his part. I'm thinking it was more on mine. I became so busy, I just didn't have a lot of time to stop and give God some attention.

I missed him SOOOOOOOO much.

When I planted my yard and when talking to Elmer (who has furnished my whole garden), I told him about two things. I wanted butterflies and I wanted daisies.

A daisy is the most beautiful flower on this earth and it always seems as if it's smiling and happy. I just love them. I'd rather have a single daisy over a rose at any time.

Butterflies I just love and I compare myself to them. Emerging from a cocoon to something absolutely beautiful. A journey that I myself am taking.

All yesterday and last night I was extremely sick and lonely. I wept to God for awhile and we talked about so much. I was sad and told him I didn't feel him and I would just take faith that he was there. Last night when I was in so much pain with my stomach and my body, I heard him. It had been the first time I actually heard what I knew was Him in awhile.

I was so happy He was back. So happy He was with me.

I had a rough morning, getting my new meds, just hectic and crazy and I was sad. I was driving home from Walgreens and pulled up and I saw two things immediately. Two butterflies and daisies =)

God was with me. That was a gift to me. I cried and cried. My first daisy, my first butterflies........Same moment.

I couldn't be happier if someone handed me a thousand dollars.

Here are pics of my gifts today.

Thank God for butterflies and daisies.

I love him so much.


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Melzie said...

you make me happy Di, and jealous, I want to be as in love with Jesus as you are!