Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yo, it's Tuesday!!

Owooooooo!! It's raining ........... story of my life lately. I'm so sick of rain and mud and muck. I want sunshine. Big, big sunshine and warm weather. I'm tired of mopping my floors everytime dogs go in and out.
Savannah comes home yesterday in absolute hysterics. Sobbing and sobbing.... I get her calm and ask her what's wrong and she starts saying "Alissa is leaving, shes moving" So cry, cry, cry over this girl moving. I felt so bad for her. We get to the bus stop there and Alissa is there and Savannah said "I thought you were moving" and gave her a huge hug. Come to find out they are going out of town for the Easter weekend. LOL
Fast fwd.... Juan was outside yesterday. Wouldn't go and get some boys shirt for him so the kid threatens to kick his, Chris and Patrick's butts. Fast fwd the kid comes after them with a baseball bat and a knife. Why can't it be like Leave it to Beaver days where they duke it out with fists? Why the bat and the knives? Never a dull moment. We think it's worked out. But still going to drop him off and pick him up. Boys are going to Alabama this weekend.
Um, that's about it really.
Rain, rain go away!!!!!!!
Happy Tuesday


Carie said...

I will never understand why its no longer an even fight...used to be people would watch, but as long as it stayed fair it was all on them...one on one...now poeple get jumped and others resort to weapons...poor Juan I hope it is all worked out...things like that always scare me...

poor Savannah...shows how much that friend means to her, Ash used to get things like that mixed up all the time to lol...

I hope the sun and nice weather get to you quick...sending you all the sunshine I can :)

SassyFemme said...

Oh poor Savannah. Thank goodness her friend really isn't moving!