Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ugh what day is it?

Wednesday maybe? Juan had a dentist appt today to finish fixing his tooth. Was long, his toofs LOL was complicated, fragile, ugh just a mess. They almost had to send him to a specialist but got it worked out. They were finally able to get this metal reenforcement thing around it, so they could drill and such and fill it and it wouldn't fall apart. The metal thing really,really hurt him quite a bit. He had 100 Bluuued LOL When Anthony was little he told my mom once, something was bleeding or I can't remember exactly, she could probably tell you better than I, but he said he had 100 blood but said it bluuuuued LOL. I tried to take a nap, but can't. Stomach is killing me from the meds. I need to pick up some more acidophilus. It helps. Um...... lets see...Nothing else I suppose.
My toofs still has that medicine taste and it's starting to make me sick. takes like minty yuck. Have it finished on St. Patty's day!! YAY!!
Happy Wednesday.
It's trash day

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