Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Monday!!!

It's 10 am Monday morning and I JUST got out of bed. Savannah is still asleep. Juan had a fever last night and felt awful. I started singing Another one bites the dust.
Yesterday I was in bed almost whole day. Nothing to do. I'm so bored my eyes are crossed. Anthony has gotten VERY into Worlds of Warcraft and made some friends on there and is playing that pretty much non stop. For now it's okay. Juan sits on his bar stool playing Guitar hero. Yesterday they played mud football all day.
My cousin Lindsay took alot of time to write me the sweetest most love filled email yesterday. :o) I have read it twice now and really taking everything you said into consideration and it meant more than you could ever know that you love me that much, you put all that time into that email. Was extremely special and it helped more than you could ever know. I'm gonna get back to you on some of that. You are truly a gem :)
My house is pretty much clean, so I guess I am going to either spend the day in bed again or find something else to clean.
Have a happy Monday everyone!!

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L. Eubanks said...

Is Juan still sick? My mom is sick too, so Jay might have to pick them up for youth group. Is Antho going? Is Juan Going? Is he feeling better. Let Jay know! Love you all!