Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dentist again

I should change my middle name to dentist. Had to go again this morning to have more work done on my tooth. Could not have gone any better at all. Went to the same dentist as I took Juan too. Extremely nice. Dog lovers LOL which is important ya know. It's all one family. I was not scared in the least. Nothing at all went wrong. I'm very sore in my jaws though. Having TMJ and arthritis on the right side and having to hold my jaws open for so long, really caused me some pain. I came home and laid in bed and slept. Not nearly as bad upon waking. So I'm glad.
American Idol is okay.......Love the cute lil 16 year old. Love love love him. The boy. Can't rem. his name but he's cute as a button.
Um.....LOST on tonight. 300 days or abouts til Christmas. For a Klondike bar......I would um....I dunno since I can't have them anyways!
Have a happy Thursday.
It's not trash day.

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No_Newz said...

I love that little guy too! I'm glad all went well with the dentist. :)