Sunday, March 29, 2009


Angry any more thank God. Man, when that anger hits me with this whole situation it hits hard. It's like I'm so mad at that boy, I'm so mad for at Kyle for not believing her.......just it all builds up. Yesterday was a wonderful day.... Mom stayed all night Friday. I had to watch Maddie Mayo and she was going to sleep over cause Roxanne was going out of town. Johnny and Angie came over, we watched the game, made some chili and had a good time.
Yesterday we went shopping and got Savannah a beautiful dress for Johnny and Angies wedding. We shopped alot, my poor momma was tired. My day didn't end til 6 then I crashed and sat in front of the puter a bit. Savannah and Maddie went to her house about 4, I took anthony to iisacs, Juan to Jordyns.... I felt like I drove all over God's green earth yesterday. Savannah wanted to come home about 8 cause of the storms, so I went and got her. She was quite upset about them, but i held her on my lap and explained how i knew when it was going to thunder lol! I think she was impressed. Mom asked me if I had my TV on yesterday to watch the weather..... I was like um no? I don't watch TV and I don't care about the weather anymore. Funny, how a few short years ago I was, I don't care. I spent so many years of my life worrying over weather and nothing ever happend. A mere waste of time.
Savannah fell asleep on my lap, I put her in bed and I got on the puter til about 11 then I crashed out.
Today is gonna be busy again.
Happy Sunday

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