Thursday, March 05, 2009

Howdy on Thursday!

OMG, been so stinking busy it's unreal. I clock 75 miles a way abouts dropping everyone off at their schools. I don't get home til after 9 every morning and leave out shortly before 7. Juans been getting to school on time so thats good. Today I had to go to Karens to clean. She's down with the flu so I went to the store and got the stuff to make her a pot of white chili. I cooked it while I cleaned. We chatted the whole time and then watched Jeff Dunham and I had to head out to get Juan. I had a really good time with Karen today! No Furby WOOTS! After I got Juan I got some more stuff at the store for some more white chili cause the boys want some. So came home, showered, cleaned my whole house, did 2 loads of laundry, made the chili. Sitting down now to eat then heading to the YMCA to work out. When I get home gonna spend some time with Elmer, haven't gotten to talk to him too much. Savannahs w/ Kyle this weekend so I have the whole weekend to do nothing! I'm looking forward to it. I may watch some movies or something. I asked Karen to go out so if she's feeling better we may. Also church on Sunday, which Im looking very forward to!
Okay, gotta eat and run
Happy Thursday!

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Dr. Deb said...

That's a lot of miles!