Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm Depressed

I just can't figure out the whole point to my life. I'm down. I'm out of money, I'm tired. We are all sick again with a cold and some pink eye for extra fun. I'm lonely.
Last night I get a phone call from Juans dad. Juan told him he wanted to come live with him because GASP I MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and he didn't like it. He will have to go to Fairdale which from what I hear is like being sent to hell. (according to him) Everyone is pissed because I moved. I had no choice.
Anymore I don't care. I told him, you know if you want to go and live with your dad just go.
I can't do all this anymore. I'm tired. I have wracked my brain 20 different ways and sideways to figure out how I'm gonna afford to get them all to school tomorrow and all they can do is complain. Don't wanna eat what I cook, don't wanna sit home because they are bored. Blah blah blah complain complain.
I just can't take anymore.
I think my life is pointless. If there is a point I sure just don't see it. It's nothing but constant stress, chaos and worry.
I just don't understand.
I just don't care.
Screw today.


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