Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And even a bit better today =)

I think all the stress of moving and such hit me hard and I'm slowly getting into a routine. All the driving. OMG. I drive so much and my van is going downhill quickly. Mom has been letting me take her car some, which is a huge relief. Yesterday I took all the kiddies to the park. Juans girlfriend met him up there, Anthony found some friends up there. They all hung out, played ball. Me n Savannah went for a walk and she loved all the joggers. Let me tell you, this close to the mini marathon there were a TON of joggers and people. There were people everywhere. They got some new play equipment and Savannah had a blast on it. We were up there for about 2 hrs and came home and cleaned up leaves in the front yard. God, I love this house. I absolutely LOVE it. It's the cutest one on the street! After we did the yard, we ate supper and then I gave her a nice long bath. She was filthy. About 9:30 I sat down to get some me time on the computer and she was not happy. I rarely play on the computer anymore and anytime I do I feel like someone is giving me crap about it. That is what I do to relax and I didn't get on til late, late... I don't see what the big deal is. I don't watch any TV. Our TV in the living room has rarely been on.
I went and picked up her bike at Jannas and I think we are going to the park again and I'm gonna let her ride her bike. It was so gorgeous out yesterday.

Okay, I'm off to clean. I'm on a mission and then I think I'm gonna put something in the crock pot and take a nap.

Happy Wednesday


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the curl said...

I love the park there and it's so
close to you. It's the best jogging/walking park- but as with all parks, still have to be a little careful! And that playground is awesome. I'm taking E there soon! I love the padded kiddie section. Maybe we can all go together!! Glad your enjoying your HOME!