Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Monday =)

Happy Monday everyone. Been a good weekend. Took me 3 days to get Savannah back to normal...only to have her going back to Kyles tomorrow. Anthony said Saturday "She talks to me and Juan just like Kyle did" Getting on them about eating food and stuff. I didn't even think about that, but she really did. Hope she outgrows that. We played a ton of games of Pop o matic trouble.... She's actually really good at that game and whooped up on me.
This morning I am scrubbing my house. Yesterday I felt like I didn't sit down. Run, run, run. I kept thinking yesterday was Saturday.
I need to start going to church earlier, because now that I'm so busy, it's hard to fit 5 oclock in. So I'm gonna find out what earlier services they have.
Not much else going on. Just dropping off or picking up kids from whatever location they are at.... it's tiring.
Spring break YAY!
Happy Monday

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the curl said...

Yeah, I didn't even make it to church until 7. Little e has strep throat so they couldn't even take her.

The services are 9:30 am, 11:15 am,
and of course 5 and 7. Savannah
would probably really enjoy the
am services too b/c there are TONS of kids. Gotta get there some early
though b/c of parking and so many people. I would really like to go
back to the 11:15 again too. We'll talk about it! Have a great day Love, Curl