Monday, March 16, 2009

A lil better today

I think I had Savannahs cold over the weekend. My nose just was awful and no matter how many tylenol sinus I took it was still awful. I had a few dizzy spells. I think I just have to let those settle down again. I'm just very discouraged they are back and I wonder am I going to have to do this for the rest of my life.
On a brighter note, the kids may not like it here, but I love it. I love everything about this house and it's like it was made just for me. I love my room, I love my tub. I love it.
There's no yelling. Not even I yell here. There's no fighting. There's quiet and peace. I just love it. Even the dogs love it.
I don't wanna move from here. I really, really don't. It just suits me.
Yesterday I was having an awful day. I had alot of financial things, tooth problems, headache, Savannah was sick........ I just couldn't take anymore stress. Savannah on Friday, had a sleepover. I had Maddie May and Sophia come over and stay the night. They had a blast and stayed up well until after 1 am... Saturday, Sophia had a birthday party and Savannah and Maddie went to that and she stayed til 8 when she called upset and wanted to come home. I picked her up, her eyes were goopy, she was coughing and sneezing. Just a bad cold. We didn't make it home 3 min and she was konked out. I explained to her yesterday that we couldn't do anything. She didn't feel well, I didn't feel well and I just had no money. She pouted all day. Said alot she was bored and what have you. I felt bad, but nothing I could do. Even if I would've had money we all needed to stay home and get better. The day wears on and she talks to Kyle........ This is where I get angry.... She tells him she's bored and there's nothing to do...... What does he tell her? He's going over to sprinkles to see the puppies and play w/ mimi and allie and all that stuff, just making a huge deal out of it. So she starts bawling cause she can't go. She hangs up and I said what's wrong? She said "Daddy said he's going to sprinkles to play with all the dogs and going to play with mimi and Allie" Why couldn't of he just said, he's going to aunt sprinkles? Why on Gods green earth does he have to soup it up. I know he's very competitive, he used to get way out of sorts with his sisters over different things. If they got something better or time or blah blah... So, I'm wondering if he's now carrying the competition over to Savannah. Who can do the most with Savannah. Too bad for him, he wins with me not competing. She's not visiting when she comes here, this is her home. If we can't do something every day, then we can't do something every day. It's a sad part of life. If he gets her to where she expects to do something at his house every day, he's in for a world of hurt one day.
Either way, I was just mad because he had to gravy it up. She eventually got over it. I let her use my camera to take pics of everything and she had a good time. We snuggled in bed and went to sleep. She was completely unharmed in a day of having to stay home! GASP! I'd give my eye teeth (literally anymore) to have someone make me stay home for a day. PLEASEEEEEEEE DO!

Okay, off to pick up the boys from school.
Happy day

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Gloria said...

I am very glad you are not going to be in a pissing contest with Savannah. She is too sweet and doesn't deserve it. She just needs to be "six". Adults should act like adults. No one wins, and the only loser would be her. Sad. Good for you - don't play.