Sunday, January 02, 2011

Winter Go Away!!

I actually sat in my room and cried today because I miss summer and spring so bad.

I never realized how much flowers were the high lights of my mornings. Every single morning I would wake up and RUN outside to see if something new cropped up.

Watching my seeds grow to flowers...

My heart would actually jump when something new was out there. I don't think I ever smiled like I did when I had a new flower.

I bought a garden bag w/ new gloves, all new tools =)! Last night I packed all my seeds I want to use in the bag and I'm looking online to order some new ones, unusual ones.

Ready for my butterflies to come back. I'm just ready for spring!!!!!

Winter is dragging on, but soon it will be over.

BRB Gonna go snap a pic of my new garden bag =D

Here she is....YAY!!

She has lots of stuff inside too, including my seeds!!

Come on March.

I can't wait!!!

Argh, but I have to!

=( Winter, sminter.....I'm gonna move to a tropical climate!!



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