Wednesday, January 05, 2011

So One of My New Year's Goals

Is to stop depriving myself. I never do anything for myself and that's gonna change this year.

First stop on my list yesterday......To buy me a pair of RUNNING shoes =)
I have stuck with exercising for 2 years and it isn't leaving. I'm going to start street training for jogging this spring.

I can do over 6 miles in the gym.......With all my weight loss and with my sticking with it.....Reward =) Shoes!!

I love them and yesterday I did 1028 calories and almost 7 miles in those babies!!




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for_the_lonely said...

Oh dear Dianna - I haven't been to your blog (or mine, for that matter) in FOREVER, and I come back to see such a huge change on here - and in you!!!! Please know that you are a HUGE inspiration, and I love you so much. You are such a dear friend. So glad to see you shining brighter than the prettiest rainbow!!!