Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lil Update

I have been getting a lot of emails and posts on Facebook asking how the interview went, so I decided to do a full update instead of typing it out over and over.

Interview went great and apparently LOTS of people were waiting for the same job to open up....They have 12 people competing for the same job.

I'm not nervous at all. If it's meant for me to have that job, I'll have it.

I asked God for favor before I went in and if it's in His plan.... =) I'll get it.

If not, then something better is coming my way!!

She said it usually takes a week to process all the applications and for now I'll just play the waiting game.

Thanks for not only the prayers and well wishes...Thanks for all the encouragement and just the love people have been showering on me.

I'm blessed!!

We got a suprise snow storm last night....grumble, grumble.

Mid-February I'm going to start growing my seeds inside and I'm going to start a gardening bloggety blog!!

=) Things are going so well. Yesterday I got told I was cute as a cup cake LOL!!

Made me feel good.

Happy Thursday!!



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