Sunday, January 16, 2011

Coming up on a year

Since God found me.

My therapist is working on a plan for February. February is when my SAD gets the worst and I get pretty severely depressed.

This year it's starting to creep up on me. I have to remember how God changed me and is changing me. I was an awful mess when God found me.

Good grief, the lies I told. The things I did.

I have to remember every day that Jesus redeemed me.

I'm scared sometimes because I'm so afraid that girl who I was will come back out. I don't want to be her. I'm so scared, but God won't let me go back. I have to say that over and over. I'm not her anymore. God won't let me go back.

I needed to hear todays message in church so bad. The cross. The cross. The cross.

The cross changed me.

I did really bad things. I said really bad things. I lied.

I get upset by things people have done to me and never stop to think of the things I have done to others.

Upset by someone lying to me and they have no idea to the extent I lied to them.

I suck.

I need Jesus. I have come such a long, long way in becoming someone different. I need to lay my past down at Jesus feet. I repented, God forgave me because of Jesus.

I need to quit living in the past, not forgiving myself. Accept the forgiveness that was given to me.

I suck and desperately need Jesus.

I need to extend the grace given to me, to others. People do bad things, people say bad things. No one is a pyramid of virtue. Everyone is in need of a Savior.

My past is not my future. Jesus is my future.

I wish I could forgive myself as easily as God forgave me.

The cross.

Live it.

Love it.

Wash, rinse, repeat til I GET IT.

Happy Sunday.


~me ~dianna

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