Monday, July 12, 2010

My lesson in Gardening =)

As most of you know from my blogging, I only recently started gardening. I have always killed everything I owned and this year was able to start growing stuff and find it fascinating.

I think God purposefully put gardening into my life to teach me what he wants me to learn. I'm not one of those people who can read stuff and get it. I have to be shown and "get it".

So gardening coming into my life was no accident. None. I was just smiling so big this morning to the point of tears over what God taught me last night. My heart fluttered because I love Him so much. I am amazed beyond belief at what He goes through to make me understand and make me get it. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Him.

Of course I'm going to share the lesson I learned with you. It's a wee bit embarrassing, but the lesson was SOOOOOOOO wonderful. I have to share.

Elmer had sent me Tutti Frutti Lupine seeds. I planted them all and knew exactly where I planted them. A hail storm came and some of the seeds had got knocked out of place, but I shoved them back in the ground. I knew where these seeds were.

I KNEW............

The lupines started sprouting in the places I had put them. I put them in a semi circle around my caterpillar. I would go out there talk to them, love on them. Feed them!

There was this one lupine that was doing better than ALL of the others. He was HUGE. Oh my goodness I LOVED this lupine.

I would keep the bugs off him, give him food, water, love. I took pics of him to show off to everyone, because I was proud it was growing so big!

He started sprouting little buds and my heart swelled with joy. My lupine was budding!!

Mike came over and said "That's a weed, you need to pull it" I said "Mike that's not a weed, I planted a seed there. I don't just think it's a lupine, I KNOW it's a lupine" He said "Okay, it's a very pretty weed then!"

So......time goes on and my lil lupine gets it's lil lupiney shaped buds on it. Pic below.


I texted Elmer so happy it wasn't a weed! I had told him what Mike said and was so relieved it was getting it's lupiney shaped flowers! I texted him almost all day "It's not a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!" I was so happy you have no idea.

I went out every night watered it. Talked to it. I loved on that lupine so much. I took fantastic care of this plant. I loved it!

Well, Sunday before my baptism, Tyler was out in my front yard and he said "um, mom, that's a weed" I said "Tyler it's not a weed, I planted a seed there, marked it. It's a lupine. See the buds on it."

He said "Mom it's a weed, but okay."

I thought...........What's with all these people saying my flower is a weed? I was a little hurt.

After all, I KNEW it was a lupine. I planted the seed in that spot, marked it. I knew what it was.

Last night I was letting the dogs out and a plant catches my eye. I heard God clearly say "Go look at it, closer."

I go over and my heart sank because it was the SAME plant I was nuturing, loving, watering in the front yard. I planted nothing in the back yard.

It was a WEED! So, I kinda giggle a bit and say to God "I feel so silly because I was pouring all that love into a weed!"

God says then "Go pull it" I say to God "Well there's still a chance it's a lupine right?"

Again he says "Dianna, go pull the weed."

I go outside, hold my breath and pull the weed. Underneath the weed was my lupine seedling.

Very, very, very tiny. Not big like the others I had planted.

And you know what God said? "He couldn't grow, because the weed was blocking the light. The weed was taking everything from the lupine. You didn't notice it, because the weed overshadowed it."

I was Then it sunk in and God said to me clearly. "Tell me what you just learned"

I said to God "That sometimes weeds creep up into life. You feed them, you water them, you love them. People come by and tell you it's a weed, because you are so focused on thinking something is something it's not. You don't listen to them. They tell you again and again it's a weed, but your heart hopes that it's not a weed. That it's this beautiful flower. The weed blocked the light from the flower, took everything it needed to bloom and grow big and strong. The weed kept the flower from being this beautiful flower. But if you pull the weed, throw it in the trash, the light reaches the flower and it can grow."

He said "Tell me again"

Second time telling Him. I got what he needed for me to learn. =)

I love Him. I LOVE HIM.

Apply it to people and you will see the lesson I learned.

Oh, how I incredibly love Him.

Funny what a huge lesson I learned from weeds.

God is the best gift I have ever receieved in my life.

Amazed at what he taught me.


Pull the weeds people, so the light can reach you.

Without the light, you can't grow.




Melzie said...

Di, you need to first off make your blog public again. Secondly you need to be submitting some of these posts. God has also given you a talent to share Him in your writing. Let me do some looking where you can be sharing. <3

Notes from N5 said...

I hope you don't mind me writing to you....I just published my blog and skipped to the next blog to see what it might be...I found yours and was overwhelmed reading it...Your writing is beautiful, poetic and emotive and ultimately inspiring. I can't imagine your hardship at losing someone you care about so much but what I will say is that it has made me once again evaluate and appreciate life so much. I have recently really badly hurt my knee. I am currently unable to walk with crutches and a knee brace and life has suddenly become so hard. I live in London - a chaotic city which when you are not mobile becomes terrifying. I have had to fight everyday to get myself out of bed - reading your story proves how much there is worth fighting for. thank you so much

-me (or Elmer) said...

it wasnt a weed.

it was a beautiful little plant.