Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's Saturday YAY!!!

Just kinda updating. Early, I might add lol!

Doing and feeling a lot better than the other day.

Tears make everything better.

Lack of understanding of people, make it worse.

Had a stomach virus..... Ugh, arg and I felt puny -n- cranky. SUPRISE! My trademark is extreme cranky when I'm sick.

I cry so much before I get sick and then while. I'm not sure why I do that. Mom said I've always done that. /shrug.

I'm going to buy me hand sanitizer to wear around my neck.

Too bad it doesn't come in flea collar form, I would so buy one!

Got to be up in IN in a few minutes, so I guess I had better get dressed and fix my hair.

My mom did ALL my laundry and cleaned my house for me.

YAY! She's so sweet.

<3 Dianna

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