Sunday, April 05, 2009

Trying to enjoy

my last spring break day. Had major allergies this morning even on all the meds. Im mad at kyle cause of course he didn't have savannah call me. I tried calling her yesterday and his girlfriends little girl kept burping into the phone and making rude noises.... @@ I was not amused and he could've told the little girl that that was rude....... but then again it takes him about 6 mos to get to the point of convincing you he's a nice guy then be mean to your kids... So, I have barely spoken to her all weekend.... She did tell me that her and his GF daughter sent daddy some quizzes like "Are you a pervert" Glad they are supervising what they do on the internet. He's not being a responsible parent and she was upset with him last week cause he pushes her off on others and was crying telling him she just wants to do stuff with him...He doesn't listen.
Savannah doesnt come back til Wednesday I tried to talk to her today but of course those kids were there and she was paying attention to them running around and wouldn't talk much.
I still hope every day he gets what's coming to him.
In a big, big way.
I really miss Savannah.

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