Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday ugh

It feels like Monday. i'm soooo sick of rain and clouds. I need some sunshine. The meds the dr put me on make me sooooo tired. I sit here feeling like I'm in a stupor. I need to exercise, but I can't muster the energy. I'm trying to start back on my iron and stay on that habit because it does make a difference.
Savannah is at what's his faces. I miss her. He's driving me nuts with the head games he plays w Savannah. The other day Savannah wasn't crying or anything we were having a good time playing. I was her patient and she was trying to fix my tooth etc. Then we sat down popped pop corn to watch a movie together. She gets sleepy and said she wants to call daddy in case she falls asleep during movie. She's all happy go lucky talking to him and what does asshat say? I'm at Aspen creek ( a restaurant she has been wanting to go to ) with (miss asshat) and we are eating dinner together blah blah blah.... she starts bawling and screaming because she had been asking to go there. He did that on purpose, he could've just said he was out to eat. He knows the issues we are having here. So she cries for about an hour and a half over him being out to eat. I ask him why he does this and then he tells Savannah, he has to tell the truth...... Oh why start now?
Those are head games and why he chooses to play them is beyond me. Then I make sure she calls him and on Friday night she didn't call me. He's too stuck up (Miss asshats ) rear end and too focused on himself. I hope he enjoys the games, but he has to make sure Savannah wants to be with him and not here. He has to punish me in some way for the divorce and nothing HE can do would bother me cause Im THRILLED he is dating and out of my hair. So he has to use Savannah to get me back, which itself is pretty crappy.
Oh well Karmas a bitch.
Happy Monday.


NANCY From the Shore said...

dianna..your daughter will realize it.I wish Stephanie was near her,to talk to her.She would probably open her eyes wide,many times those disney daddies go POOF when the girls get to be of a harder,more work age.:(
(((hugs))) & Asshat is w/e its him thats an issue...ugh

NANCY From the Shore said...

ugh why did he do that w the restaurant,
tell him,that it hurts HER,not YOU.HE is a MORON:( I really am getting angry:( I had a man like that and It makes me SICK as can be:(
Ugh I PRAY miss ASSHAT,would straigthen him out.CAn you talk to her??would that help??
:( i'm sorry