Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Savanners!!

Today is my baby girls 7th birthday!! YAY!!! =)
Just seems like yesterday I was in the hospital waiting and waiting =)
We are having her a party in the park with good eats! She's so excited! I got her a baby dwarf hamster, she's gonna be so suprised when she sees him! it's a lil boy and I got him a pink palace! the boys did not like that so Juan was like at least get him so blue chewies. Too funny. She is gonna be tickled. I just hope shes careful cause Claire licks her chompers alot when she sees him.

Have had a hard week. I'm tired, been sick, allergies and sinuses.
Been down cause Elmer goes back to work tomorrow.
He moved back home when his dad got sick and now got a new job and has a long commute and I won't get to talk to him much.
Over the past couple mos he has kept me alot of company and I'm going to miss him extremely bad. He's my sunshine =)

Claire came in smelling like doody.. No expression there, she came in smelling straight up like dog crap. Well, she had it all over her back, all over her fur, omg it was poo all over like she had rolled in it. GAG
Needless to say I threw her in the tub and she got the bath of her life.
I had to bleach out the tub and what nots and gag it was gross.

Ummmm what else ????
I watched slum dog millionaire, it was sooooooooooooooooo good =)
Very good!

Okay Happy day and to my sunshine I love you =)
Have a great day =)

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Dr. Deb said...

Came by to wish you a Happy Easter. And a belated happy birthday to Savannah!