Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Its Toooooooooosday

UGH last night was awful. I didn't sleep a flipping wink. Once I fell asleep about 1 am Opie was asleep in the hall and was having a dream and his tail was banging against the door, then every hour I got woke up by this or that. I kept watching the clock and was thankful when 5:30 came around.
Juan was in a bad mood this morning and did everything possible to delay us. We left late (go figure) then got almost to Fairdale and a train was completely stopped on the tracks, so we had to turn around after 20 min of waiting there. It's like the morning went on and on.
The detective is supposed to go and see if he can get some of our stuff back at 10 am this morning. One of the ladies came up to the bus stop and talked to kyle crying asking if he was really pressing charges..... Um..... You guys stole over 2000 dollars worth of stuff, what do you think? She said they were just kids, but then said her friend told them to go back and get more...... Um Hello? So then the mom tells Kyle that her friend concocted a story that Kyle told them they could have the stuff..... We don't even know the woman or her kid. So anywhoo the detective is there at the house. I know we won't get all her stuff back or the rest of the stuff. The one mom was saying well that wasn't in there, that wasn't in there.... I know it was. Every single tupperware lid I had was back there..... I have none at my house... now my tupperware is useless. Savannahs clothes. Old clothes, too small clothes, summer clothes..... I know we wont get those all back and there were a ton. It's frustrating.
Hmm nothing else going on. Just getting entirely sick of rain.
Im kinda glad in some ways cause at least its cool. My van window is broke and it gets hot in there quick with no air. So that's a positive. When school is out I guess we are parking it.
I gotta go cancel my Y membership today and go grocery shopping.
Oh Joy Oh rapture.
For extra fun I had another tooth break and it broke down the middle and is KILLING ME. I guess he wasn't kidding when he said I needed crowns on all of them. Oh well I hope the nerve dies quick cause Im not payin to have it fixed.
Happy Whatever day it is.

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