Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Wednesday!!

=) Happy Day!! Tryin to get a hold of my hairdresssssssssserrrrrrrrr my roots are brown and ugly! I gotta look good for Derby!!!

Not much going on, Savannah will be here today and tomorrow and I'm so glad. I really miss her so much. After she's been here all week and leaves, I get very sad. I always dress her while shes sleeping for school and when she wakes up we fold her jammies and lay them on the bed. Every night I go in and see her lil jammies and get all teary eyed. I really miss her. It's very hard when you take a child you have spent every waking moment with and having to turn her over to someone else and not see her. It's hard. Very hard.

Okay, Have a wonderful swine fluless day!!!

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