Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Sleepy this morning. Savannahs back to school. YAY! No more fever or sicks. I kinda got a bit of her cold, but not too bad. Just enough to be annoying at times. Going to clean all morning. I need to get some boxes to start packing up some of my belongings. As much as I have moved in my life, I should be used to it. I am very tired of moving. Lets see if I can recount all my addys....
Tallow Lane
E. Washington street the 808 one
E. Washington street the 1401 one
Rochester Drive
McKinley Drive
Taylor Blvd
E. Kentucky Street
Ft. Knox
San Antonio, Thousand Oaks
E. Kentucky Street again LOL I see a pattern developing
Ft. Belvoir VA Meeres Road
Back to Ky I think this time on Emil Ave.
Center for Women and Families
S. 6th street
Washington park the first one
Washington park the second one
Mackie Lane
Sam Drive
Invicta Ave

I think that may be all of them. Now one more to add to the list.
Okay, I gotta go clean. Just trying to update more frequently because I get alot of emails wondering if I'm okay. Good days and bad days as so it goes with anger.
Today is a good day.
Happy tuesday.

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