Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Thursday

Awww Tooth relief. Went to the dentist. I had too...... I had very bad infection and had to have a root canal blah blah blah. This one went so easy, I dont know if it was because i was in so much pain or other reasons. I wasn't even scared. Went to bed very early, got all rested. Taking enough antibiotics to kill a small horse, but hey!! I feel better. Things are going okay lately. Yesterday first day in over a month I did not exercise, I feel so much guilt gonna double time it today. Gonna do 2 miles this morning then try for 3 this evening.
Happy Tuesday
Sarah I sent you an email darlin but not sure if i Had the right addy. I wanna talk to you. Love you much.

Happy Day


Deb said...

I think I am next for root canal work. I'm scared, but realize not getting it is rather silly!

for_the_lonely said...

Hi Di....I did get your e-mail..thank you so very much! I need to send an e-mail back to you ...know that I am thinking of you!!!!

Love you much right back!!!