Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuesday Evenin

Doing alot better today. Tired as all get out, but much better. Yesterday wasn't a complete wash out. I went for an extremely long walk yesterday. LONG. There is this very old couple. I have to say they are in the 80s or there abouts... they were walking up and down their drive way. I stop to talk to them quite frequently. I always tell them I can't wait to see them hitting the road. Well.....Yesterday I come around the corner and see them on the road walking down the street. I stop and talk to them and the old man has something tucked under his arm. I say WOW you did it!! he pulls out this LARGE chilled bottle of whiskey and I say "what you got there?" He says "Honey this is my joy juice, when i get to the end of the block, I'm gonna need a few shots to get back home" Totally made me LOL!
Then an hour later, Savannah and her friends were walking with me. There's this little girl named Haley. She is absolutely adorable. I am walking telling Savannah to stay out of the road and such and giving her instructions. Haley says "Savannah you are lucky to have such a nice mom" I said well Haley I'm sure you have a nice mom too. She looks at me with these sad, sad eyes and said "My mom didn't want me when i was born, my aunts pass me around when they are tired of me I go to a different aunts" Broke my heart. Very, very sad. She's so sweet. Sigh.
Tonight I guess I'm gonna play on the net for a bit, get work I have been avoiding done. Just do stuff. We have appt with the lawyers at 12:15 and then the big appt friday. Wish me luck.
Happy Tuesday!

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