Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lil update

Have gotten a lot of emails and stuff from alot of my readers... Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. You guys are truly the best.
Givin a lil update... Things are going suprisingly well for me. I am happy. I think alot of that is due to the exercise. I had written a friend of mine a really sad email about just at the end of my rope and he said to me "workout/exercise" he was right. I haven't missed a day in 26 or more days now. Not a single day. So thanks for that recommendation. =) I actually get nervous when I don't go... I feel like somethings unfinished.
Juan had a toothache, blah, blah, blah... lots of money... antibiotics and dentist visit... I guess it's fixed for now. Finish up his rootcanal on Monday.
Savannahs hair has been cut. Looks adorable.
Anthony is biding his time and saving any penny he can for the new guitar hero.
Opie and Claire are enjoying long walks, cool breezes and chasing balls in confined spaces.
Um... not much else to update... Doing well all things considered.
To everyone that keeps me on that track.. you are loved and I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

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