Thursday, February 15, 2007

what day is it LOL

Is it Thursday??? It's hard to know the day when you don't leave the house. I wish summer would set in soon so I could snap out of this funk.
I think depression and lonliness are two of the worst things ever.
It's so cold that I really can't get out and do anything.
I laid on the couch all day today, just laying there, sometimes napping, sometimes just laying.
Savannah threw up all last night. I think i finally went to bed at 3 am.
She'a alot better today. She slept til 11 am and got it out of her system i think.
LOST was amazing last night. I think it was one of my fav episodes so far. Although it was lacking one sexy Sawyer.
Savannah watched some bits and pieces and said "that show makes my head crazy" The 4 year old says it best LOL
Then she threw up LOL so it was probably a combo.
My house is a mess again. So spotless on Saturday doesnt take long to get to disaster. I will admit I am picky though. What's messy to me, may be clean to others.
I swiffer the walls, clean the fans, pull out the stove and fridge and desks. I dust and mop under all the furniture weekly. So even though you look from the outside it may be clean looking, but I know those dust bunnies are hiding.
It will have to wait. Im going to check my blood pressure in a few and then coming home and going to bed. Do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars.
my BP has been slowly creeping up.
With all the stress its no wonder.
So pray savannah gets better. Everyone have a great Friday!!


Twinkie said...

You pull out the STOVE?
I am SO gonna lock you in my house for a week.

Carie said...

lol I try and clean...but keeping up with the family and animals sometimes is overwhelming lol so I deligate ;) I don't give Ash much to do just cause she is a straight A kid that is in honor classes with to much work...but she must keep her room clean and the bathroom...Ken does all the yard work and cleaning up the doggie land mines does the dishes...the rest is mine...but if ya ever are in my neck of the woods and want to clean under a fridge or stove mine hasn't been done in ayear lol ;)

I want warmer weather to hurry up to...the longer the cold lasts the worse my depression gets...we need to live in some place that stays like a nice 75 degrees year round lol...beautiful weather spring like all the time...;) if only huh?

LOST was amazing as always...I love the flash backs, makes you see things differently every time lol...

I hope the little one gets better stinks when our babies are sick :(