Sunday, February 04, 2007

If you are sick STAY HOME

UGH why do people feel the need to romp around when they are sick. Why go to work? Why go out and cough on everyone.
I have my 4th cold this winter. I dont mind the cold so much as the dizziness that comes afterwards. Last night I thought I was dying. It makes me extremely anxious and it wears me freaking out.
Maddie came over this week and of course had a fever of 103 and now we are all sick. UGHHHHHHHHHHH i can't stand sickness.
We had the stomach flu, then another cold I mean ACK stay away LOL
My mom feels the same way. People think they are super woman or man because they go to work sick. Stay home, stop spreadin the germs.
Its freezing here. Thats about all thats new. Its not just Cold, cold, its COLDDD
Our microwave Stinks. We popped a bag of popcorn. It didn't pop at all. Instead it caught on fire. Smoke filled the whole house, our smoke detectors didn't go off. But our Claire bear barked her butt off :o)Now when we use the microwave it smells awful. Burnt popcorn fills the house. The smell is horrible.
Okay I am off. Kids are all home, everyone is whining, crying, screaming or complaining. Welcome to my life.
Happy Sunday


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

I KNOW. I don't get how people think they are doing anyone a favor!

Lisa_g said...

I agree!!! Just think how many germs come in my work place!!!! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Love Lisa

HeiressChild said...

i agree with you about people staying home with their colds, etc. i was sick the first 3 wks in january from being around people who don't even cover their mouth when they cough. i'm still not out that much right now. not trying to go there again this winter.

Carie said...

I have been sick solid since before christmas with other peoples germs lol...the worst was when we went to a reateraunt and the waitress was coughing and sneezing lol we just left...I hope you get all better and people keep their germs to themselves for ya lol...and the smell takes awhile to go a way from that lol we put an open box of baking soda in when stuff like that happens...soaks up the odor in between cooking lol trust me I have burnt alot of popcorn in the microwave lol