Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A really Mopey Tuesday

My Claire Bear left for surgery at 7 and I have been up crying. I trust my vets fully, but I am sooooooooo scared of what she's thinking. I don't want her to think we aren't coming back for her, or that we left her. I am going to pick her up first thing in the morning. I think I may go to walmart and get her a new bed so she can come home and rest right next to me. Her and Opie are my company all day long. Me, Savannah and the dogs. We brush Claire, feed opie. Just wont be the same today.
Keep my puppy in your prayers. I miss her terribly!!
Other than that, we are all doing great. The boys had conferences yesterday. Savannah got registered for Kindergarten yesterday.
I babysat literally all day. I babysit again today all day.
Hopefully I can get all the floors super sterilized with some bleach water. I want everything spotless when she comes home, so no infection.
Happy Tuesday All
****** A lil update, they usually do surgeries after 1 through the evening. They said they would call between 7 and 9 tonight to let us know when she was done. The phone rang at 9 am and they said they took her right back and did the surgery this morning since I was so upset. :) Said she was doing wonderfully. So she is all done. You know I get so mad easily at the way people are anymore and then one nice thing just overwhelms my heart and gives me faith. That was so nice of them to do. It did ease my mind alot. They are soooooooooo wonderful it's unreal :) I think I should send them a card or something. If you live in Louisville The Fuchs are the best vets ever :o) You have to wait forever, but it's well worth it.
So still keep praying for her, caure Gracie died after her surgery was over and I'm still scared, but the vets will be with her all night YAY!!! :)

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