Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My baby girl is home :o)

They said she did wonderfully. She was all over the van on the way home and her normal spunky self. We got home I gave her, her antibiotic and a bone and she is crashed. See her big bed we bought her, it's nice and fluffy. Shes snoozin away. It looks dark because I didnt want to turn on the lights and wake her up!! LOL
Claire bear 2
claire bear 1
Thanks for all your prayers for her and support! it means alot!!

Okay American Idol my run down
I thought the guys were pretty much TERRIBLE
the one guy with the glasses I really liked til he dissed on Simon. Who's he to diss on Simon on the first rounds. He should be trying to impress him not be funny, it totally wasn't funny.
The Phil guys I liked alot cept he's too chris daughtry and he needs to get a different style about him so we can separate him from Chris. He doesnt hold a candle to chriss voice.
I am unattached to any of the contestants this year. Not sure why, maybe that will fade as time goes on, but usually every year I grow attached to someone to root for. Dunno we shall see as time goes on. Carie I think you watch dont you or is that big brother LOL what did you guys think if you watch it?? Hope the girls do better tonight!!
Happy Wednesday!!

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Carie said...

I am so glad to hear she made it through it all good :) Poor baby looks so tired lol...

I watch both lol but last night we had to rush Ash to the emergency room so we missed it, but after the replays I feel the same way, this time around so far nothing has made me want to vote lol...the girls were good...but I still have no favorite yet lol I think by never really showing us the people from the start this year they never gave them a chance to jump out and grab us lol we never got to see most till recently...but maybe it will get better with time for me the way BB will be back soon lol...I go to a site that gives constant updates and it was picked up for another season :)