Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome to the life of an anxious woman

I have a dentist appt at 10:40 and I am sooooooo scared.
You know I hate being afraid of everything.
I know Im not alone in my fear of dentists, but ugh.
So anywhoo, crying all night, crying all morning.
I'm worn out from crying so much.
Wish me luck, keep me in your prayers.
I'll update you when i get home.


The Curl said...

I'm praying for you Dianna, Bill and I are heading to the dentist for the 6th time. We'll compare war stories when you get home, but I know HE feels your pain. We're headed to an oral surgeon at 11:00.
I will be with you in thought and prayer literally while I'm at the dentist with Bill. Talk to ya later!! Sometimes its just toooo much!!! Love Ya!

Auntie Curl

Carie said...

I am right there with ya about the dentist...I hate those mean old people who inflict to much pain with big grins...they are evil I tell you pure evil ;o)

I hope all goes well and that they treat you nicely :)

SassyFemme said...

{{{{{Di}}}}}} I get how you feel.

Spider Girl said...

My second job is working at a dentist's office after hours, cleaning and sterilizing all the trays of instruments that were used that day.

Seeing particular ones of those poky sharp instruments halfway makes me even more apprehensive about going to the dentist (I seldom do), but the more sensible other half of me says, "ya know, you should really go BEFORE they end up having to use THIS one on you".

Hope your appointment is more serene than foreseen. :)