Friday, February 23, 2007

Freak Show on Friday

So I have to go to the Dr. Today. I haven't been in quite sometime. I walk in and only a handful of people were there. Then a slow trickle of freaks started coming in.
It was truly a Freak show. First there was a wild looking bunch, who were all wearing Black Panther Jackets, sweatshirts and what nots. They were EXTREMELY LOUD. Then in walks a 90 year old man carrying a nice leather handbag. He looks rich, has a nice hat on and a nice tie. He gets out a check book, goes over the corner and sits. He never checks in nothing, just sits. Okay so in walks this mom, grandma and 5 year old boy. The boy is yelling MAMMMMMMMAAA and everytime she doesnt answer him, he hits her hard in the stomach. She just laughs. So the boy comes over to me and it was like he was speaking some language I couldnt understand. It was English, but he couldnt speak a word except for Momma and Shut up. So he gets that place Jacked up, running and hollering and hitting his mom, then hitting his grandma. He goes over and talks to this very nicely dressed 50 or so year old woman. The woman wants him to go away, she can't understand him either and is trying to get him to go, he points at her and yells a very loud SHUT UP. So then his MOMMMA takes him to the bathroom for a whoopin. He comes out and hits her again. Thennn in walks this broad dressed like a freaking hooker, she walks straight over to the very old man. They start hugging on each other and kissin. I didn't know whether to giggle or just turn the other way. I decide to turn the other way when in walks this man who could easily pass for herman Munster. He has on these HUGE boots and the flaps in the front are open so when he walks his nasty black toenails come out to greet you. So he sits across from me and hes wiggling his toes out of his boots to scratch them and ugh bunion city. By this point i started having bad anxiety. It was over an hour wait, i was tired, cranky and freaks. So in walks this mother and 2 teenage daughters. Okay normal looking enough EXCEPT every single one of them are dressed in Pajamas and house slippers and the mom is wearing a robe in place of a coat. A woman asked her if it was PJ day at school and she said no we just woke up late. OKayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, is it that hard to put on some freaking clothes. PJs out in public????? So the dr calls me back before I lose my patience with the freaks and I expected my blood pressure to be through the roof, but it wasn't. It was very good.
I have to have a DEXA scan done on the second and he increased my ulcer medication and reflux medication. If i have the osteoporosis, i have to have extra calcium. Hopefully the other scan was wrong, but with celiacs, i doubt it.
Oh I forgot to add.......................I was drinking my water and Hermie Munster was across from me, coughin and hackin. I dropped my cap to my water bottle and he picked it up with his fingers inside the top with the hands he coughed all over. OMGGGGGI wanted to just say never mindddd keep it. BUt I took it and threw it away when i got back to the room. I am so freaked out about germs and UGHHHH it was a traumatic day LOL
Mleaf and bill you go to that Dr. so you know how bad it has gotten. EEEEEKKKKKKKK scary place anymore.
Happy Friday


Jeanette said...

There are some strange people in the world. At work, I am constantly wiping down my counters after people touch it with their dirty germ covered hands. Often, my co-workers and I shake our heads as people go by. Makes you wonder about people sometimes.
I agree with you about Idol. The girls were soooooo much better than the guys. I liked the last two girls the best, but the Doolittle girl was good too.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

EEeegads. What a visit!

SassyFemme said...

OMG! PJs because they woke up late? Unfreakin'-believable! How hard is it to take 10 minutes to throw on jeans and a sweatshirt or something!