Thursday, October 28, 2010

Heading in the right direction

So, this morning bit the dust quite quickly.

I'm exhausted, but I'm not functioning by my own strength, I'm functioning on the strength of the one who made me.

You ever get those feelings where your mind is going in 100 different directions? You are trying to think of solutions to problems, you are sad because you don't know what to do with the problem? I was there this morning. My mind was going crazy, I was crying...upset. I got in my car and turned to go down this long road. As I was driving I look closely at the road. The telephone poles because of the position of the sun are all perfectly made crucifixes lying before me. One right after the other.

In the midst of all the confusion running around in my head not knowing what direction to take...Seeing those and listening as I hear God say "Just keep following me."

He showed me my path and the only way I need to go is on His path. He showed me the way. A reminder from a simple telephone pole to go His way.

Taking Him up on His offer I gave Him all my troubles today. I surrendered them quicker this time and I'm going to take my joy back. The thief isn't getting my happiness today.

How long will it take before I full grasp that I can fix nothing? I can't fix this. Not even a little.

A shadow on the road was all it took for me to remember I'm on the right path. Keep following God and things will work out. Stay and don't give up. This too shall pass.


Happy Thursday.


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