Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Better =)

Just stopping by to say I'm a lot better tonight =)

I left all my email loops (part of that pruning I speak of so often) and I know some come by here to check on me.

My spirits are much better. I had lunch today with a good friend and just being with another adult and talking helped immensely.

If you hadn't guessed, someone treated me with complete and total disrespect, used me for their own gain and to prove a point to someone else. It hurt.

I didn't see it coming, but then again, I never do.

I don't grasp meanness.

I wish I didn't have to grasp hurt so well. I don't wear it well and yet wear it so often.

God is teaching me through it and this last hurt saved me a lot of future trouble.

Blessing in disguise. I look to see someone has changed for the better, but find they have changed for the worse.

I asked for wisdom in the situation and received it. Praise be to God!

Nitey nite!


Me =)

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