Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's Sunday

So was Savannah sick this weekend????? YES! She threw up last night and was very sick to her stomach :(
I am not liking the school thing. Hopefully with the 4 day weekend soon, she has time to completely get well!
We are trying to coax Anthony to get a job. He said he doesn't want to spend his free time working. Had a 30 minute argument about how he has to go to school and that is job enough and it will waste his childhood getting a job.
I told him that if he wants to have his girlfriend a nice Christmas present, he really better start thinking seriously about a job. I tried to get him to apply for the zoos Halloween Party, tried for a snack bar attendant at the pool. Fun jobs. He wants no part of it. Dunno what other option to explore there. I think a job will really help him. Juan will have no problem getting a job, he's out mowing yards and all sorts of stuff for money.
Who knows! Boys.
Claire has been very sick all weekend.
Friday I was sitting on the couch, got up and got the worst dizzy spell I have ever in my life had. I was so ill, my arms hurt, my legs were weak. I laid in the basement and cried because I was so scared. Kyle got Savannah off the bus and took her to dance class. Yesterday as the 24 hr mark hit, it magically disappeared. Prayers lots of prayers and I think it was the virus Savannah had last week when she said she felt wiggly.
What do kindergarteners do in their class to get all these germs. Do they chew on crayons? Do they put their hands in their mouths? I knew she would be sick, I counted on it. But good grief. I didn't know every single week she would be bringing home everything.
Kinda scary.
Today I am cleaning and thats about it.

Happy Sunday

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SassyFemme said...

I guess if there's a positive to it, it's that she's catching everything now and building up her immunity, so she hopefully won't be so sick as she gets a little older.

Kinder kids are in close quarters, they're heads are together, they sit close to each other at story time, center time, etc.. They handle the same toys, books, etc... They probably don't do a good job of hand washing, so the germs easily spread.