Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Tuesday..... I think LOL

OMG My rear end hurts soooooo bad, well towards my hip that part. I was scrubbing the kitchen floor on my hands and my knees and I was going really fast and backed right into the corner of the wall. Owooooooooooo, it bruised instantly. Good grief!!
Um..... School update for Juan. Yesterday was a VERY rough day. He just would not go in school, said he felt very funny etc. We get home, he has a fever and a cold. Stopped up nose, coughing and said he's very dizzy. So was it the cold? Was it the anxiety? Today, he is still very sick. Keeps laying in the tub. Normally, had he gone to school, I would have no question about letting him stay home. But, UGH HE needs to go to school. I am beside myself.
If I end up in jail from truancy, please bring me gluten free bread and water. His school is of no help. They are supposed to have a counselor to come in and work with him weekly, they do not. It's like parents are automatically supposed to know the steps to take for these things.
Savannah is home today sick. She has a very bad cough, fever, runny nose.
If you wanna get sick, come lick our doorknobs!! :P
Okay, so Juans dog is on my LAST Freaking nerve. I won't even call her by her name because I am so mad at her.
We have vertical blinds hanging in the living room and she has chewed them over and over. We keep buying the replacement blinds and fix them no problem. So yesterday I am leaving, open the blinds all the way so she can't get to them. I get home and OMG she ripped them ALL completely off the wall. The brackets and everything. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Kyle got them hung back up, but OMG what's with the blind eating?
That's about all going on here. If I hear you knocking at the door, I'll assume you want germs.
I Predict Lindsays baby is coming tomorrow, so I gotta stay far away from her with my germs.
Happy Tuesday.
Be well.


SassyFemme said...

Hmmm, maybe the dog thinks the blinds are possessed. ;)

Hope all the sick ones feel better soon.

MoonNStarMommy said...

Oh my oh my oh my... that's about all I can say.... oh my!!

(LOL at the above comment)

Carie said...

my dog doesn't eat them, but sticks his head through them and breaks them all the time lol...we now have to open them and move the chair away from the window so he can't reach lol

L. Eubanks said...

Your predictor is off.. I'm still pregnant! And it's Friday. But I'm having stronger BH contractions and some other gross pre labor stuff I'll spare the rest of your readers, so maybe this weekend! :) Get better so you can see her!