Monday, March 18, 2013

Tonight I Wanna Cry

So, my ex husband strikes again.

He punishes me for not loving him, by using my daughter against me.

For months he has known about a 3 day trip away from home (on my days of course)........No one ever asked my permission or told me.

He said, she said she told me.

That should've come from him. I should've been asked.

There was a meeting tonight to find out all the stuff about the trip, she isn't allowed to bring her back pack to my house......I had no clue about the meeting.

That's information I should be in on, not his wife.

No one even asked me. 3 days on her first trip away from home, after all that's happened to her......I'm not even asked, not even told.

Over and over again this happens.

I really wanted family dinners, I begged him and begged him to bring her over hungry. For 3 months I cooked dinner and every time she was over, he would say that she had already eaten.

No wonder I stopped trying, I shouldn't have to fight for things like this.

Not everyone thinks like me.

Puts up that fake front he does. I'm a hell of a guy.

Oh and I'm the crap weasel........every time.

Me, I'm the bad guy. Every time.

No wonder I never leave my room, I lose before I even walk out the door.




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